New Yorker Bagels

the Custom line

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Create your own assortment! Select 3 bagel flavors using the options above.

Here’s your chance to build your own assortment of fresh New York bagels, by selecting 3 options above from our 16 available bagel flavors.

Assortments include:

  • 1 dozen + 3 free with every order (15 extra large bagels total)
  • Shipped fresh to you with free overnight shipping included
  • No preservatives of any kind
  • No bromates or bromated flour; No Saturated fat or Trans fat
  • Certified Star-K Kosher
  • Hand rolled and packed in a New Yorker Bagels gift box
hand rolled bagels

Note: This package includes options to order Onion, Garlic or Everything bagels. The intense garlic or onion aroma of these flavors may affect any other flavors during shipping. Thank you.

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